Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tom doesn't want a Smokin' Wife

Tom Cruise has reportedly banned Katie Holmes from smoking. The domineering pro-scientology actor is said to have been furious after discovering his actress wife had taken up the butt-sucking habit again and is now trying to force her into giving up cigarettes.

A source said: "Tom leads a very disciplined life and happily encourages Katie to follow Scientology and purification detoxes. He is livid she’s started smoking again and is doing everything he can to put pressure on her to quit what he calls a filthy habit."

That's the funny thing about Scientologists. They swear by anything L.Ron Hubbard uttered or wrote, until it's something they don't agree with. I believe it's called cherry-picking, Tom.

You see, L.Ron said in one of his expensive lectures (SHSBC-35 6107C19, Q-and-A Period: Auditor Effect on Meter, 19th July 1961):
"... Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer. Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer!...". And for you doubters, here is an excerpt of the audio from that lecture. Take it away, Ron....

link to more of Hubbard • transcript of above

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