Saturday, May 2, 2009

Are Nashville Cops Scientology's Goons? [Video]

Update: As of 5/7 it was revealed that the armed guards were off-duty Spring Hill Police that worked for Hayes Security. Also, at the following protest, on 5/2 , Nashville's MPD did show up to ensure everyone's safety and mentioned that they would provide safe-passage for the protesters back to their vehicles, if the need arose.

As reported last week, Chanology protesters, an off shoot of Anonymous, went to the Scientology Celebrity Center, in Nashville TN, to protest their grand opening. The outcome was not pretty. Protesters were stopped, one tackled and arrested, before even reaching the restricted sidewalk sign.

Later that day, after photos were uploaded to WWP, anon's began blowing-up the photos to prove they were in the right about the area they were occupying. It was also discovered there were quite a few off-duty(?) police, or security guards with police printed on their shirts. And a Nashville Metro SUV parked in Scientology's parking lot. If Nashville's Finest wasn't involved in the melee, maybe they'll think twice about letting their name be seen around these events. Guilt by association is a two-way street.

Last night, protesters released the video they had taken of the encounter. There isn't a lot to watch, and is over quite quickly, but the audio is quite damning. Note: security tells the protesters to put down their cameras. One protester, with a camera strap around their neck, left the video recording. That, explained the protester, is why you see a lot of pavement shots in the video.

And Chanologists, not ones to take kindly to being kicked to the curb, are back again today (May 2nd) for the monthly worldwide Scientology protest. You can check their outcome in this thread at WWP in their post-raid section later today.
Update: you can follow the play by play today in Nashville on Twitter @ nashanon.

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