Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nashville Protest No.2 / sans fascism [video]

After seeing the video posted on NashvilleScene's blog, I'd have to agree with the protester's sign (left), Scientology, does indeed, harass it's critics. Thankfully the second attempt at protesting the Nashville Celebrity Center, on May 2nd, a week after the Grand Opening melee, went much smoother.

Protesters from several surrounding areas joined the NashAnons including, Atlanta, N.Carolina, Washington DC, Kansas City to name a few. In all they were 42 protesters, according to their twitter feed, in solidarity of they're assaulted brother.

And note, Nashville's Finest did show up to ensure everyone's safety. Also mentioned that they would provide safe-passage for the protesters back to their vehicles, if the need arose.

Below are random photos and videos retrieved from the post-game reports thread at WWP.

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