Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Donkey-Kong, Scientology Style

la.curbed/EAST HOLLYWOOD: "For the longest time, reps from the church have said that repairs to their Fountain Avenue building, which was damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, have been going on, but here's the first time that we've seen any actual progress on that tower."

And it seems they've completed a life-size replica of the Donkey-Kong video game on the side of their big-blue building. Only 15 years in the making, but it's still missing some key components from the game:

• A monkey at the top (oh wait, they've got one).
• Wooden barrels rolling down the different levels (those are presently being used to ship money to off-shore bank accounts).

la.curbed commented: "Immediately after taking these photos, the black-clad Scientology guards on bikes started circling, asking why we were taking photos.'.

•I'll assume these are the obstacles in place till the barrels are returned and ready for use.
• One other important item needed before opening the game to the public is a cardboard cutout of David Miscavage holding a WARNING: "You must be this tall to ride this" sign.

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