Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scientology: Insane In The Brain [video/mp3]

Scientology Jargon in Action
George Baillie
Gawker: "Scientology's quest to perfect humanity never rests, not even on the weekend. Which is why this member of the cult's elite "Sea Org" spent his Saturday yelling at an infidel about his inevitable and pathetic death..."

What better fodder to create a remix titled Insane In The Brain. The rambling OT provides all the lyrics needed to fulfill this. After all the views at YouTube (51,997 at last count), can be viewed here, with the help of WWP and Digg, you have to ask yourself, did this guy pull this in? (more scientology jargon).

MP3 download: URinsane 5.8 MEG from MediaFire.

Insane In The Brain / Remix

[**edit**] Addition:
Insanity, No Laughing Matter
Unless you're the one with it. Thanks to TheOneAndOnlyXenu,we have a quick mash up featuring the infamous Tom Cruise and Dan Murnan's lunacy along with the batshit insane Scientologist, OTVIII George Baillie, featured Axiom142's"Conversation with a Scientologist".

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