Tuesday, September 1, 2009

David Miscavige: Big(gest) SEO Failure

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural search results. And it's clearly a concept that the leader of Scientology does not understand. Throwing money at something does not always equal results.

From a thread at WWP: With David Miscavige searches pulling up the loveliest of sites these days, it looks like the Scientologists are releasing "new" press releases trying to get some of their sites to at least show up on the first page. They have been randomly splattered all over the place like cat spray. I just saw two in the last day from blogs that are recycling old news as new news.

Besides their own sponsored result, it looks as if they have been moved all the way down to the bottom of the search results depending on which one you use. Bing actually only returned one Scilon site and all else had true data about David Miscavige on them.

David Miscavige While I have no idea who runs the David Miscavige site that has the most true information on him, it appears that in its short period on the internet, it has steadily risen on search results and proves to deliver the goods.

David Miscavige relies heavily on his PR to push his new programs. As long as the correct information on him is steadily provided, he will lose ground and more and more Scilons will find out what he has been up to. He has scared hundreds of members into staying in and following his rules. When they find out that he is the laughing stock of the internet and incapable of doing a thing to stop it, I am sure these people will start finding out the truth and GTFO of Scilonville.

And just because there is so much of it on the internet, a few videos featuring our SEO Wonderboy:

Slappy Miscavige's Dream
We all know David Miscavige has a thing for Tom Cruise. Here's a rendition of one of little Dave's dreams. May they all come true. Praise Xenu. Amen.

Gerry Armstrong on 'Sociopathic Thug' David Miscavige
Gerry, who, in the past, was asked to organize some personal papers of L. Ron Hubbard that were to serve as the basis of a new biography of Hubbard, describes his personal experience with the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige.

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