Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet A Scientologist, The Real Ones [video]

Scientology members talk about their religion on YouTube : Church of Scientology YouTube Channel adds 10 new documentary video clips to its series of personal stories from Scientologists around the world.

In continuing with the Church of Scientology's program to expand its presence in the world's largest online video community, the first 50 "Meet a Scientologist" videos went live online on the official Church of Scientology YouTube Channel on August 18.

Why did they go hire actors to portray their church-goers when the web is filled with perfectly good examples of unscripted dialog uttered by actual members of their group? Why, because they're walking PR disasters. Here are a few prime examples, and be sure to check out their new ad at the base of this page.

Meet a Scientologist: George, OT8 Sea Org Member
This is the short version, long version here.

Meet a Scientologist: Susan, Catering CEO

Meet a Scientologist: Mary, Crime Statistician

Pr-inside also adds The Church is also conducting a cross-platform campaign on spiritual values that includes Internet specialty and video ads airing on MTV, Discovery, ESPN2, The Learning Channel, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Sports and others.

They must be speaking of this one. This certainly clears up a lot of misconceptions. Glad to see the finally got around to doing some truth in advertising, lol.

What Is Scientology? Montage Ad

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