Monday, January 18, 2010

Conan the Deprogramian [pics]

Ex-Scientologist Praises Conan For Exit Strategy At Rally
LAist ~ "Around three to four hundred hardcore Conan O'Brien fans braved the drenching rain to rally for the Tonight Show outside Universal Studios this afternoon. "Jay Leno sucks!" the crowd chanted in between screaming at passing by cars as horns were honked. Packed to capacity, people spilled out onto Lankershim Boulevard before police calmed and spread the crowd out..." [photo gallery]
bfg-conan saved me from scientology
A little explanation for the CONAN SAVED ME FROM SCIENTOLOGY sign from the holder:
" wikinews ~ "...Headley writes in the book [Blown for Good] that he started to question his involvement in Scientology when secretly listening to The John and Ken Show and watching Conan O'Brien make fun of Scientology celebrities..."
Thanks to BFG@WWP for the link and the 'rain dance' with the bear.
blown for goodBFG and the BEAR

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