Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scientology Caught Playing International 'Corporate Shell Game' [video]

unpaid british taxes adelaidenow.com.au ~ THE Church of Scientology says allegations it is using Adelaide as an off-shore base for its international operations to avoid paying tax are "offensive". [cont]

todaytonight ~ Ten years ago authorities in Britain told the Church of Scientology it would have to pay tax, that it was not a charity. To avoid paying tax in the UK it's alleged they made the entire Church of Scientology in Britain a member of a tiny little association incorporated here in South Australia.

From its non-existent offices in Adelaide the tiny incorporated association boasts as its members, not people, but Churches of Scientology from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, France, Holland, Germany and Sweden. They have a member in South Africa too.

Today Tonight discovered [see video] a global multinational corporation boasting more members in Canada, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and British Columbia.

Senator XenophonIt might also be fate that in Scientology's universe of planetary confederates and intergalactic warlords, they chose Adelaide, the city of Churches.

The Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is one of South Australia's favourite sons. He championed the former members of Scientology who spoke out about the abuse inflicted on them. This latest intrigue surprised even him.

"Given what now has been revealed, you need to ask some very serious questions about how this group operates internationally in terms of the flow of money, where the money goes and how it's treated in terms of its tax free status," Senator Xenophon said. "It's a case of follow the money and also show me the money."

The Senator adds, "I'd like to think the corporate regulators in the UK will be scratching their heads over this one. To say that the Church of Scientology in the UK is a South Australian charity seems pretty bizarre when you look at the evidence." [cont]

Today/Tonight: Scientology Avoids Paying Tax in UK

Anons over at WWP have been following the buildup of this story for days and are now working on a press release to inform the western world, who always seem to be a day behind on everything, lol.

" Hubbard once said Australia would be the world's first Clear continent. Little did he know it would become the first continent clear of Scientology." ~ Anonymous

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