Friday, July 16, 2010

Scientology Spam? On My Craigslist? [app]

It's More Likely Than You Think
clearcraig scientology spam
Scientology. They've gone and done it again. Kicked the internet's hornets nest.

Seems local Scientology 'churches' have been spamming Craigslist with everything from vaguely worded ads promoting mental health fixes with free seminars to marriage counseling for depressed internetites.

Enter ClearCraig. A chanology project that was started on WWP back in '09 has received some reviving interest from some ex-scientologists at, who along with running the anon's ClearCraig spam-flagging utility, produce daily lists to flag as spam manually.

These lists are a little tougher to follow, as they create a new thread in the general discussion area's forum (search for Target [insert number] example) as updated lists are produced.

Also note that ClearCraig is in beta, and recently the expansion of searches have been put on hold for some needed re-tooling of the program.

And inB4 anybody makes the spam is free speech argument.

Courtesy Reminder Video
As a public service, the original Message to Scientology video from 2008 is embedded for those Scientologists who have forgotten exactly who's playground they're playing on.

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  1. Spam is free speech? It is not free to the person getting it.

    A rule of Craigslist is against multiple postings from the same host. Scientology (as usual) pays no attention to wog rules. The administrators of the list ought to be better prepared for such invasions.